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Why Should l register my company in Zimbabwe

Company Registration/ Incorporation is one of foundations of a successful business and as such should be done with the highest degree of competency in accordance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the company is being incorporated. We are a company that one can entrust with their company secretarial work as our team is well knowledgeable with the laws that govern company incorporation and is capable to efficiently execute and effectively/ competently do so. There are two types of companies that one can register, which are a Private Limited and a Private Business Corporation (PBC). The Private Business Corporation was introduced to have all businesses at least formalised as it requires a leaner budget to register as compared to a Private Limited. A PBC can also be registered by a sole trader as it can be registered by a single member. Quick guide to the types of Companies you can register in Zimbabwe;

    Editor 05 May 2023

    What is the difference between PBC and Pvt Ltd


    Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd)

  • 3-5 Days Turnaround Time
  • Only accommodates 2 or more people
  • Has a legal persona of its own apart from its owners
  • Has perpetual succession
  • Can have a maximum of 50 directors
  • Shareholders are owners and can be different from the directors
  • 2 Minimum Directors and 1 Minimum Shareholders
  • Both companies and individuals can be shareholders in a PLC
  • Has a certificate, memorandum, articles, CR6 and CR14
  • Registered articles of association
  • Annual returns are compulsory
  • Has share capital
  • Directors are responsible for the day to day management of the company
  • Private Business Corporation (PBC)

  • 3-5 Days Turnaround Time
  • Can accommodate sole traders
  • Has a legal persona of its own apart from its owners
  • Has perpetual succession
  • Can have a maximum of 20 directors
  • Members are the same as shareholders or owners
  • Companies cannot be shareholders or hold a member’s interest in a PBC, only individuals can be members
  • Comprised of members
  • Offers limited liability to its owners
  • Members are responsible for the day to day management of the PBC
  • Can register for PRAZ and Apply For Tenders
  • Has members contributions

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    Company Registration Requirements

  • Proposed company name (3-5 unique proposed company names)
  • Official company addresses, the company’s Zimbabwean physical, postal and email addresses.
  • Director's & shareholders details; name(s) and surname, identity number, nationality and address.
  • Company business activities (The company’s core business activities)

Editor 05 May 2023

Company Registration Procedure

Our step by step procedure for company registration in Zimbabwe

Company Structure & Package

Begin by choosing the company structure that suits your need between a Private Limited Company and a Private Business Corporation and the company registration package that suits your budget.

Fill In Our Registration Form

Fill in our online company registration form which requires your new company’s proposed names, directors & shareholders information, company addresses & core business objectives.

Payment & Company Name Search

We begin name search for name availability after payment, either full or a deposit. Payment for company registration is made at our offices or through the many payment methods available here.

Document Preparation & Signing

We prepare the company documents & all your company’s shareholders and directors sign at our offices or we can email them to you. Once you have signed, you leave the rest to us.