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We provide exclusive services for your business

Business Registration

Private Limited Company registration, PBC Registration, PRAZ Registration, Vendor Number, NSSA Registration, Trust Registration, PBC To Pvt Ltd Conversion


Tax registration and Bp number, Tax clearance certificate, VAT registration, QPDs Calculations and Submission of returns, Bank Advice note

Secretarial Services

Change of Directors (CR6/14), Change of address (CR5/6), Share certificates, Share Transfer, Allotment of Share, Companies Registry Annual Statutory Returns, Special Resolution, Bank Advice notes, Branding

Business Documents And Forms

Company Profile, Business Proposals, Business Plan, Cash Flow Projection, Financial Statement, Business Agreements

Logistics Services

Transport from the factory to the fulfillment warehouse, Warehousing and order fulfillment, Outbound shipping and order delivery to customers, Movement of any wet or dry goods from one place to another

We provide exclusive building solutions for your business


Building Construction, Architectural design, Structure design, Renovations, Landscaping, Interior design, Remodeling and Extension, Project Management, Plumbing, Tilling, Celling, Roofing, Electrical work, Fencing, Razor wires, Paving


Quality Bricks, Paving Bricks, Cement, Gravel dust, Quarry dust, River Sand, Pit Sand, Window Frames, Door Frames, Stones, Roofing Materials

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